A great side dish – mashed squash and sweet potato – cooking with kids – especially little ones!




Roast a whole squash ( any kind – butternut is our favorite) in the oven for 1 hour in a roasting pan. Put two sweet potatoes next to the squash ( poke a few holes in them to let the steam escape).  When done, and soft to the touch, peel both vegetables ( discarding the seeds from the squash as well as the skin) and add butter and salt to taste – voila! The best side dish with chicken, fish, beef, or just about anything! The children love to watch me poking holes in the potatoes, turning on the oven, and peeling the veggies. And then of course mashing is smashing to them – and they love that too. Make sure the vegetables are cool to the touch because tasting WILL happen! ( You will be tempted too!)
Enjoy….Butternut Squash



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