A recent brunch for Committee of 200 Scholars at The Little Farm


 The event was the visit of Israel C200 Scholar Sarai Duek to The Little Farm – and our Los Angeles based C200 Scholars rallied around her. C200 member Renee Pepys Lowe joined me as we celebrated these amazing young women. It was a loving and wonderful event! Of course our dog Smokey was front and center! And lay on her back for a good tickle. Everyone loved her although she is a bit rambunctious!

herc200-la-scholars-and-israel-scholar-sarai-duek-on-her-way-to-london-oct-23-2016-salmon-cheese-fruit c200-la-scholars-and-israel-scholar-sarai-duek-on-her-way-to-london-oct-23-2016-table-settings c200-la-scholars-and-israel-scholar-sarai-duek-on-her-way-to-london-oct-23-2016-with-smokey-best-pic c200-la-scholars-and-israel-scholar-sarai-duek-on-her-way-to-london-oct-23-2016-with-smokey-looking-up c200-la-scholars-and-israel-scholar-sarai-duek-on-her-way-to-london-oct-23-2016-with-smokey-on-her-back c200-la-scholars-and-israel-scholar-sarai-duek-on-her-way-to-london-oct-23-2016-collage c200-la-scholars-and-israel-scholar-sarai-duek-on-her-way-to-london-oct-23-2016




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