A tip worth remembering – removing Red Wine from fabric


Red wine spills are the worst kind to remove. I came across this tip but have not trie dit.  I must admit to leaving stains and sending them to our cleaners who tend to work miracles. They are L&S cleaners and just a few weeks ago I found on a business trip to my horror that my nail polish had exploded in my case and poured all over a blouse which was brand new. I called L&S and asked for ideas – we tried some polish remover but it only made it worse. Sigh. However when I got home the cleaners worked their magic and got it all out! YAY.

So here is the tip for the removal of red wine when you dont have a reliable dry cleaners nearby! Proceed at your own risk! Of course put on some soothing music while you work! Try Love Song For my Child.

On delicate fabrics – soak the spot with denatured alchohol ( of course they presumes that you have denatured alchohol hanging around – I never do) and then flush with white vinegar to remove the residual stain.

On sturdy fabrics – coat the stain with salt ( haven’t you seen that happen at dinner parties? I have done it myself and always wondered if it helped!). Let it stand for five minutes. Stretch the stained area over a bowl. Secure it with a rubber band. Place it in the sink and carefully pour boiling water over the stain from a height of at least a foot.

Well there is the tip for what it is worth. I still recommend leaving stain removal up to the professionals!  Below is a picture of those gorgeous grapes getting ready to become cabernet.


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