A wonderful new organization called LOOK WHAT SHE DID!


I found out about this new non profit and immediately loved what they are doing! 

Look What She Did! tells stories of astonishing women, past and present. That’s their mission. What started as a backyard art project has grown into a multi-media 501 (c)(3) non-profit, producing original videos seen and shared by thousands of people, nationally and internationally. In their interviews, a storyteller speaks passionately about a woman who deserves to be a larger part of history– someone we need to know about, someone to talk about, someone to remember.

Look What She Did! is growing like wildfire. After developing a website to post videos in early 2016, the organization saw a viral result: their 3 minute videos were used in classrooms around the country, a fun and useful tool for educators to inspire students with unique stories about unsung powerhouse women; adults clicked on their videos from phones and social media, getting a shot of inspiration, taking a much-needed break from the news; and, and they were inundated with requests for more. The videos are easygoing, positive reminders of heroines who give us hope and faith in our own strength and abilities.

This summer the team will film more videos, interviewing women in Tech in Silicon Valley, women in Science in Berkeley, and women in the Arts throughout the Bay Area. As the library grows, Look What She Did! is expanding their audience and developing partnerships with schools, museums, and community groups. This non-profit is growing into a thriving, sustainable organization with national impact. A small company with a big vision.

Here is their website –  http://lookwhatshedid.causevox.com/  and if you wish, you can subscribe at www.lookwhatshedid.com and stay connected as new videos and stories are posted throughout the year.



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