An amazing way to use Lemons – also a recipe for Lemon Marmalade

I have found an amazing way to use lemons. We have such an abundance of them – literally trees that are breaking from the weight of their lemons – all kinds including Meyer lemons which I think are the best. I have been making lemon marmalade – but there is a limit to that after making up about 30 pints.  Here is lemon marmalade cooking. You can see that all I have added is the lemon fruit, and the zest of the lemon. That is the recipe – zest the lemon, cut out the fruit ( discard the white pith) and add sugar to taste. Cook until thickish, then add pectin (use the amounts on the pectin box) and cook on low heat until thicker – then put into jam jars that you have sanitized in your dishwasher (using tongs so as not to touch the inside of the jar or lids with your hands). Simple. And delicious. However a pain to zest and peel all those lemons. So see below for another use of lemons!

So now I am FREEZING the whole lemon and then grating it onto whatever food we are serving – OH MY OH MY!! How yummy it is! DO try it – it truly does transform food and also you dont need to peel it – this way you can use the entire lemon – zest, skin, fruit – all of it – and it will add amazing taste to everything – whether it be whiskey, vegetables, curry, stew, steak, chicken, fish – whatever. Below is a picture of just a little of the crop of oranges and lemons, grapefruit and tangelos that come daily from our Little Farm – so we are busy daily making jams and marmalades during the citrus season. How blessed are we!


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