An Officer of the Order of the British Empire – OBE – what an honor in the UK and Commonwealth – and my sister has just been awarded it!

An Officer of the Order of the British Empire – OBE – what an honor in the UK and Commonwealth – and my sister got it!

The family is so excited – my sister was informed that she has been awarded an OBE – and will go to Buckingham Palace to receive this award from the Queen/member of the Royal Family.

Here is the announcement by the British Breast Cancer Campaign – the charity of which she was formerly Chairman and CEO. And below a picture of my sister. We are SOO proud of what she has done. And how very proud our parents would have been – our father Jack Wolfowitz was such an anglophile, our mother Norma was born in London and our grandfather Harry Cohen was a cockney from the East End of London (remember Eliza Doolittle?). They must be having a good old party up there together and marveling that their daughter/granddaughter Pamela has achieved such an honor! YAY Pamela!

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Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Campaign is delighted to announce that Pamela Goldberg, the charity’s former Chief Executive, has received an OBE in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honors, for charitable and public service through Breast Cancer Campaign and the General Advisory Committee on Science.

Pamela’s involvement with the breast cancer community spans more than 20 years; she was appointed Chair of Trustees to the charity in 1992 and became an Honorary Director in 1995. At this time, she oversaw all aspects of the charity’s operations, working with an administrator, a fundraiser and other part-time and voluntary help. In 1997, she became Chief Executive of the charity, which at the time had just four employees.

Since then the charity has gone from strength to strength; the first research grant awarded in 1997 was £103,000 and when she retired in 2011, the charity had a staff of over 70 and had funded almost £40 million of high quality, peer reviewed breast cancer research, which has helped to improve diagnosis and treatment for the 50,000 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK each year.

Pamela was seen as a leading player in the breast cancer community, helping Campaign to establish its reputation as a serious contributor in the field of breast cancer in the eyes of the medical research establishment, funders and donors. She was instrumental in creating a respected organization with award-winning fundraising campaigns such as wear it pink, which have captured the imagination of the public and raised millions of pounds to help fund breast cancer research.

Other key highlights of her tenure include establishing a Scientific Advisory Board of breast cancer experts to peer review all grant applications to ensure that only the best research is funded by the charity. The publication of the first Gap Analysis, a unique project that brought together more than 50 of the UK’s leading scientific minds to identify the gaps that exist in breast cancer research, was a ground-breaking study which identified the need for a breast cancer tissue bank to help advance research findings from the laboratory to the clinic. With Pamela’s influence, credibility and position within the science community, the daunting task of developing and opening the UK’s first national tissue bank was achieved, opening its doors in 2010 to scientists in the UK and Ireland. Six years later and the second Gap Analysis has now been completed and the findings will be published in the Autumn.

Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Campaign said, “Pamela played a pivotal role in driving forward the substantial growth in funding that is now available to scientists working in the breast cancer field.  Behind every new advance in early diagnosis, prevention and treatment is a wealth of research, including vital work funded by Breast Cancer Campaign, and we are now seeing the benefits of this work with women living longer with the disease and enjoying a better quality of life.

“The Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank really stands out among Pamela’s achievements and the challenge of getting this innovative project off the ground and building it into a world class resource for researchers is probably her greatest legacy to the breast cancer research community and to people with breast cancer.

“There’s still plenty of work to do but Breast Cancer Campaign will continue to thrive and grow and our work will help improve the lives of women with or at risk of breast cancer and we can thank Pamela for her role in making this possible.”

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