Baby goats in denim


Our goats are kidding – seriously that is what they call it when goats have babies – and since there have been some cold nights our farm manager made them blankets – our grandkids love the idea – are they cute or what? Adorable and we hold and handle them a lot so that they are very domesticated and used to people and children – then we donate them to children’s summer camps and so the cycle continues. Here I am holding one of the babies in her denim outfit. Soft and sweet. And in a few weeks we will be visiting a breeder who has sheep – to meet some of the ewes who are giving birth – and once weaned we will bring back two female baby lambs to rear at The Little Farm – and eventually we will bring in a ram and our pregnant sheep will have babies – and we will have sheeps milk! I am looking forward to making sheep’s milk cheese – for the first time at The Little Farm – one gallon of goats milk makes one pound of cheese but only half a gallon of sheep’s milk is needed to make the same amount. So this summer we will be able to offer both sheep’s and goat’s cheese. We are excited!

Larraine holding baby goat in denim Feb 2016


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