Birthday cake – a rainbow one – ended up making 12 individual layers – whew what a job! But lots of joy


Our grandson Jonah is very particular in his tastes and he requested a 7th birthday cake in the colors of the rainbow with blue frosting and M&Ms – so I made one – and then realised that it was not going to be enough for 25 kids and 15 adults so I made another one!

Here is the cake process!

The cake mix in the beginning!

Cake mix Jonah 2016

Putting the vanilla batter into separate dishes

Plates for individual cake batter 2016 JOnah bdayJonah Rainbow cakes unfrosted 6 layers raw mix base color vanilla-2016 7th bdat

Putting the coloring into the separate dishes and then into the cake pansJonah Rainbow cakes unfrosted 6 layers raw mix different colors-2016 7th bdat

The layers – two separate bakings

Jonah Rainbow cakes unfrosted 6 layers unassembled -2016 7th bdat

Cooked layers ( three of 12)

Jonah Rainbow cakes unfrosted 6 layers in cake pans 2016 7th bdat Before frosting – layers of vanilla frosting with sprinkles on them ( The second cake had alternate chocolate and vanilla frosting with sprinkles)

Jonah Rainbow cakes unfrosted 6 layers made 12 -2016 7th bdat

Before the cakes were cut…..Jonah Rainbow cakes complete 2 -2016 7th bdat Jonah Rainbow cakes comple -2016 7th bdat

The final cake cut in the end!

JOnahs Bday cake at bday Jan 2016 Rainbow

And four very happy grandsons with the happiest one of all – me – with a grandson sandwich! Jonah is the one in the grey shirt.

A grandson sandwich Jack Jonah Noah Gabe Grandma before Jonahs bday Jan 2016


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