Birthday cakes made by Grandma – a Vampire cake and a Lego one – for our twins who turned 5!


 This year was a challenging cake year! Noah was very specific – he wanted a vampire cake with teeth and a vampire figure on it – and blood! It had to be chocolate with chocolate frosting. Sigh. Then his twin Gabriel was also very specific. He wanted a lego man cake – yes in the shape of a lego man – with a lego character on the top and a lego truck. Sign. He wanted vanilla frosting but the cake had to be rainbow colors!
OK – I was on it! The planning began weeks before  – my son helped by directing me to various sites and toys that fit the bill – then I printed out pictures and the design process began. After two days of baking – there were going to be 26 kids and 26 parents – so I reckoned four cakes – two each -and that the Vampire cake had to be a double double chocolate layer cake, and the lego man had to sit on another cake – both to be rainbow – it was a 7am till 9pm process – on two consecutive days.

Here are the results! BTW I let Gabe make the truck ( bought him a lego box) and of course had an extra one hidden for Noah – and they both held their respective toys ( Count Dracula for Noah and Lego Man for Gabe ) all day long. So much fun – lucky boys and lucky me!

gabe-and-noah-fifth-bday-noahs-cakegabe-5th-lego-man-cake-2016noahs-vampire-cake-2016 gabes-lego-man-cake-2016



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