Burning Calories – for computer users and golfers….

Walking the golf course for 18 holes while carrying your golf clubs burns 1442 calories on average.

This compares to 517 calories sitting at your computer for four hours, according to a study by Neil Wolkodoff director of the Rose Center for Health and Sports Scinee.

Playing 18 holes and riding in a cart is a little less healthy burning 822 calories.

The same study also says that golfers who walk and transport their own clubs score SIX strokes better on average than peoiple who ride. They also score four strokes better than those who let someone else carry their bag.

Dont blame it on your caddy however. People who carry or use pull carts tend to be fitter to begin with.

I have to confess that I use the services of the best caddy in the world Greg Lambert, and do ride around in  a cart in which I place my clubs. Sigh. Oh well. I do so love the game – just have to spend more time doing it!

We decided to start our grandkids YOUNG playing golf – its so much easier than starting like I did in my sixties! Here is Jack at his first golf lesson.march april 2012 071 – of course with my loud encouragement!

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