Business Books and Keynotes

If business books, keynotes, Strategic Alliance advice and more is your interest, the link above will be helpful to you. You can view my speaking video by clicking on ‘Larraine’

2 Responses to Business Books and Keynotes

  1. Les Mayers says:

    Hi Larraine,

    Congratulations on your new site and a fabulous job.

    Les Mayers

  2. Perla Karney says:

    You can call me a Larraine Segil groupie. I am a fan who is endlessly fascinated by you as a woman and your ability to constantly take on new challenges. In the process of doing so, you transform yourself into the person you dream of becoming.

    I love your new “Rockin’ Grandma” venture and am thrilled to know that you will be inspiring a new generation of young parents and their children with your music and stories about life.

    Rock on… . You are amazing!

    Your #1 fan,


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