Cherry Tomatoes – the most delicious – they taste like candy! And a couple of recipes to use them

We love Cherry tomatoes – and the kids love them too. They taste like candy! There are so many ways to use them – here are a few:

1. On top of baby arugula with a lemon/olive oil/garlic dressing as an accompanying salad to anything!

2. With sliced avocado, kosher salt and a squeeze of yuzu lime ( Japanese lime) as a starter – sprinkle a few pine nuts on top or any chopped nuts of your choice – the nuts could be heated in a bit of salt and olive oil first – careful not to burn and then added at the last moment too – yum!

3.  Poach salmon in the oven ( 350 degrees for 15 minutes, place the raw salmon in a casserole with drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice, and place the cherry tomatoes on top for the last 5 minutes while turning the oven to broil)

Here is a picture of our latest growth – you can almost taste them!IMG_2925

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