Christian Music

Songs For The Christian Family

My music partner Michael Lyn is a devout Christian and in his honor we have created a Christian version of our 14 Children’s songs for purchase by download only.


Here are our favorite characters, Sam, The Broken Robot, and Lolly, the little boy from The Pretend Family, praying together, and then dancing to the 14 wonderful songs that we wrote for them, while Jesus looks over them.

In addition we are featuring some of Michael’s other solo compositions, Christian songs that he performs for adult audiences at churches around California which can also be purchased by download only. Here is a picture of Michael in his favorite pose and you can listen to samples of his music below and buy these three songs. If you want to hear more, just email me at  grandma at  Michael also writes songs by request( all kinds – from lighthearted advertisement jingles to serious compositions).



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