Cooking with Kids – so much fun – especially making their birthday cakes!

Our middle grandson Jonah turned 5 recently and wanted a Candy Cake. Yep! What is THAT? So we went off to the candy store and I gave him a budget and said – any candy that you like. About 10 bags of candy later – we had a really good mixture and off home we went. I made a sketch. As I explained to Jonah one must always have a plan. And if you are creating something from nothing – which we were – making up the whole idea of a Candy Cake – then you definitely need to think about it in advance, do a drawing and make lots of mistakes in order to get to a better result. Jonah liked that idea. He considers himself an artist already! Actually – a chef and an artist. GO JONAH! So we drew a design. He and me. I did the circle and he helped make the design on it. We talked about what we would like. Of course we had to sample the candies to see which ones tasted really good. This is our design. We dated and signed it. For posterity!

Jonah's Candy Cake Sketch

Then we started to decorate the TRIAL cake. I explained to Jonah what a BETA Trial is and he understood! So then we started the decorating.

Jonah decorating the trial candy cake 2014This is what the Trial Cake looked like.Jonahs trial candy cake

Well, Jonah decided that he did not like the sour balls – yuck he said – so we left them out of the final cake. And then I made THREE Cakes as there were lots of little ones ( and their parents coming to the party). So below here is the final product – and a VERY happy Jonah on the day of his birthday. He jumped right into the trunk of the car – to have his picture taken!Jonah and his Candy Cake Jan 2014 5th bday

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