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We love corn – fresh is best. But in the winter months when fresh is not available we will used canned corn too. Here is a great recipe – along with pictures of our older grandkids  ( Jack above and Jonah below) shucking corn in the good ole summer time – we grow enough for our own use and they love to pick it and eat it fresh. It does taste sweeter that way -and my husband has been known to devour 6-8 at a sitting!

In this recipe, we use our own home made feta – you can use any salty cheese instead. Also this can be eaten as a lunch dish, or more often as an accompaniment to a meat or chicken dish for dinner. This is a pretty dish – and food must appeal both to the palette and the taste buds – this one does!

Corn Rice and Chilies

2 Tbsp olive oil

1/2 cup cashews

1 onion chopped

1 mild chili – seeded and chopped ( or a non spicy red pepper – we don’t like spicy food)

2/3 cup of drained canned corn

1/2 cup of feta drained

Salt and pepper to taste

Chopped cilantro (fresh) for garnish

1. Fry the cashews in the heated oil and set aside

2. Fry the onion till translucent then add the chopped chili and sauté

3. Add the corn and sauté for a few minutes

4. Finally add the feta, then season and combine for a few minutes

5. Serve with the main dish or as a light lunch with a green salad and garnish with chopped cilantro ( the colors in this dish are delightful)

Jack shucking corn Sept 2013Jonah shucking corn sept 2013


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