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Below Is An Overview Of All Files You Will Receive In Your Download

Sam, The Broken Robot Book 1

  • Sam, The Broken Robot Book 1 (PDF)
  • 1-Music Box and Introduction (MP3)
  • 2-The Broken Robot Song (MP3)
  • 3-The Pretend Family Narration (MP3)
  • 4-The Tickle Me Song (MP3)
  • 5-The Little Farm and Magic Shed Narration (MP3)
  • 6-Dancing in My Room Song (MP3)
  • 7-Sunny and Miss Jenny Narration (MP3)
  • 8-The Happy Song (MP3)
  • 9-Doing Good Deeds Narration (MP3)
  • 10-The Sleepy Song (MP3)
  • 11-Conclusion and Music Box (MP3)

Sam, The Broken Robot Book 2

  • Sam, The Broken Robot Book 2 (PDF)
  • 12-Music Box and Introduction (MP3)
  • 13-The Broken Robot Song (MP3)
  • 14- The Pretend Family Dolly Goat Narration (MP3)
  • 15-The Birthday Song (MP3)
  • 16-Going to the Zoo Narration (MP3)
  • 17-The Happy Song (MP3)
  • 18-In the Car Narration (MP3)
  • 19-The Flying Cows Song (MP3)
  • 20-Arriving at the Zoo Narration (MP3)
  • 21-The Potty Song (MP3)
  • 22-Leo the Lion Narration (MP3)
  • 23-Monsters in My Room Song (MP3)
  • 24-Cy the Coyote , Dolly Conclusion and Music Box

Sam, The Broken Robot Book 3

  • Sam, The Broken Robot Book 3 (PDF)
  • 25-Music Box and Introductions (MP3)
  • 26-The Silly Kwela Song (MP3)
  • 27-Sam and the Pretend Family Narration (MP3)
  • 28-The Toothbrush Song (MP3)
  • 29-Lolly Loves School Narration (MP3)
  • 30-The First Day of School Song (MP3)
  • 31-Learning About Friends Narration (MP3)
  • 32-Start the World All Over Again Song (MP3)
  • 33-Mom Writes a Song Narration (MP3)
  • 34-The Love Song For My Child (MP3)
  • 35-Polly Takes a Nap Narration (MP3)
  • 36-The Sleepy Song (MP3)
  • 37-Conclusion and Music Box (MP3)



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