Entrepreneurship and humor go together


I love being an entrepreneur. My son is one too. And my husband, in the medical field, has had to reinvent himself over and over again as healthcare has become more and more challenging and less and less rewarding ( paperwork, government interference with the doctor patient relationship and more). So I guess he is an entrepreneur too.

Much about entrepreneurship is about the culture, the belief systems, the courage to be wrong, to try new things, to fail and also to surround your life with fun, love and passion for what you do – and humor.

This is a saying that sits in the Research and Development center of an entrepreneurial hi tech company here in California. I thought you might enjoy it. I did!

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I have reinvented myself many times during my life -teacher, lawyer, business woman, CEO, Entrepreneur, Board member, Professor, Mom, Wife, Farmer, Chef, Musician, Author and now my best role of all - Grandma to multiple grandchildren, grandnephews and nieces worldwide.
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