Failed Cobb Salad Pizza recipe from Cooking Light – looks good but tasted bad! Plus adorable pics of our twins!


 I tried a really fun looking recipe from Cooking Light and it was a disaster. So I am sharing it with you. The good news was that same weekend our grandson twins had a hip hop concert  – so adorable – lots of running around the stage – but they are darling so we hollered and yelled and they were happy and so were we!


So here is the recipe – I failed at it – what about you?

What happened to me is the following:

1. Pizza crust got too hard

2. All the pieces kept falling off as we tried to eat it

3. Finally we gave up and eat the toppings and threw away the pizza part.

Not worth the calories. 
I am sure I was the problem as Cooking light are normally fabulous. Sigh and oh well. Onward we go! I had an empathetic group for lunch ( my god daughter and her son) and since I had great cookies for dessert that made up for it.





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