Family and Food

Family and Food (Rockin’ Grandma Tip: Click on every photo and it will take you to a recipe!)

All through history, people have communed together with their parents, children and extended family over produce they grew, foraged and picked, and food they made or prepared. 

My experiences as wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, daughter and friend are far more important to me than my achievements during my career, the physical and financial gains I acquired or even the reputation I left behind.

Much of that experience was derived from sharing, making, and enjoying food and the good fellowship that goes along with it.

This site and my blog will give you the secrets to that joy from simple, nutritious, fun-filled cooking and eating.

All of the recipes on my site can be cooked with children – from toddlers to teenagers. Cooking with young people makes good memories grow. Even teens can be drawn into cooking as they  shed their electronic gear to participate in the making and eating of food together with you.

An added benefit to cooking is to bring the romance back into your life over the kitchen table – my husband and I have had wonderful times doing that in the past two years – something that we never did for the first 40 years of our marriage!

My recipes are designed to be perfect for working parents who have little time, one or two jobs, and need to create something nutritious for their families on a limited budget – including making scrumptious leftovers.

Cooking and eating food – for all generations to enjoy together – Rockin‘  Grandma’s wish for you!