Family Retreat 2016 – Such Fun – How Blessed We Are!

We had our annual family retreat at Palm Springs – so much fun – it was HOT HOT HOT (reached 130 degrees one day – felt like Egypt in summer – yes, we were there one August) but we still had a great time. The kids are in heaven and the adults love watching and playing with them. Thanks to my nephew who organizes all of it ! Five sets of grandparents, four sets of adult kids, and 12 little ones! Amazing fun – swimming, playing ball, flying mini helicopters, running races, eating and eating and eating, some cooking – my niece is a terrific cook – salads, bbq, cake ( we celebrated one little boy birthday) a LARGE pinata,  candy ( oh so much candy!), sleepovers, minecraft ( ad nauseum), movies, games, wii and other electronic games and reading lots of books – and the adult kids got to go out on the town for dinner while grandparents babysat – fabulous times for all.
adult kids pic of all at restaurant fam week 2016 - Copy

A birthday meant lots of cake and happiness!Alex had a birthday family week 2016 - Copy

Cooling off – our youngest family members.Babies in baby pool Teddy and Sloane with nina romy and natalie - Copy

Screen time for some of the cousins when the temperature was 124 outside — of course!Cousins and screen time family week 2016 - Copy Donne and Gabe doing electronic games Fam week 2016 - Copy

The best part of a family week is one on one time with each of the little ones. Larraine holding jack fam week 2016 - Copy Segil Family Retreat 2016 - Copy Some of family in pool family week 2016 - Copy

Both sets of twins loved jumping in!Twins jumping into pool fam week 2016 - Copy

Snow cones anyone?Twins snow cones fam week 2016 - Copy

Two grandmas with one grandson on the way to the poolTwo grandmas with one grandson walking Fam week 2016 - Copy

While we were away our rescue dog Goldie ran away ( maybe to look for us?). Thanks to a friendly neighbor who called animal services, and another wonderful neighbor who picked her up for us – she came home. Very concerning – we have secured the Little Farm Property carefully even before she got out – but she still managed. We are so happy she is home. And Smokey, our very large Central Asian Shepherd was happy to see her too.

Smokey and goldie May 2016

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