Family time – what could be better! Our annual family week – most of the family were there!


Once a year we go away as a family ( anything between 25-45 of us) and have 7 glorious days together. The kids ADORE it as do the parents.

Here are some of the activities we do.

We have Grandma’s Cupcake Afternoon ( lots of grandma’s and grandkids around).We have the GUYS COOK night – when all the men/guys bbq for us! YUM!

We  have the Family Photo – whew what an effort to get everyone to smile at the same time! We swim – all the time. The adult parents get two nights out without the kids while the grandparents – all sets – babysit. We have a Grandparents night on the town – we go to a movie – fun but very sedate! We have Chinese evening, Mexican evening and then one afternoon excursion to a museum of some kind.

All in all,  it is a time of laughter and fun and much love all around. How blessed we are! I can hardly wait for next year!Segil Family Week 2015 Palm Springs


About Grandma

I have reinvented myself many times during my life -teacher, lawyer, business woman, CEO, Entrepreneur, Board member, Professor, Mom, Wife, Farmer, Chef, Musician, Author and now my best role of all - Grandma to multiple grandchildren, grandnephews and nieces worldwide.
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