For Dog Lovers Everywhere – The UK Top Rated Youtube Video 2011 – Tuesday Tips – have a good giggle today!


There is no doubt that Sunny our Rottweiler is front and center in our family. The children love him and he is the most gentle, tolerant, patient and loving dog in the family – he is also a rescue – someone ‘threw him away’ when he was two years old – and he was picked up on his way onto one of the busiest highways in the area, and taken to Rottweiler Rescue ( which I  will be featuring in Philanthropy Fridays soon) where we found him and brought him home. He is grateful – so very grateful – and always so happy to be with us. Every child ( and adult) in the family even those who don’t like big dogs, adores him. He is willing to be hugged, squeezed, kissed, sat on, draped with blankets, towels, hats – whatever the children want to dress him up as. He wants only to lie in the middle of the action so nothing happens without him there. And yes, he watches television and would watch youtube children songs and videos too if I let him. He likes ‘Grandma Music’ and  ‘kid stories’ ( as the children call our songs and stories) too.

Sunny is not perfect – oh no – he loves to eat fruit (we would never give it to him – he eats only dog food except for a carrot every night) and since we live on a farm – he is constantly running around eating the fruit that has fallen off the trees. And fruit causes gas – oh my goodness! Does your dog have gas? It can clear a room and send one screaming for air. Yes, that is Sunny’s greatest fault and poor fellow he can’t do anything about it! If you have a solution for doggie gas please do share it – we are at our wits end! We love him still but my home is full of air spray containers so that as the dreaded odor begins I run around spraying and opening windows. Sigh. He is worth it though…..

So when I saw this video which my niece in Basel Switzerland sent to me as the top rated Youtube Video of 2011 in the UK, I knew that dog lovers everywhere would have a good giggle. I certainly did!


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