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How are you preparing for a great 2016? More time with family? With friends? Doing exercise? Eating right? Sigh. So many resolutions. Small steps seem to work best – one day at a time? I always set such high standards for myself that it is hard to ‘get there’. As I get older I am learning to set smaller goals, longer times within which to see success and patience – not my best quality.

Here is a really super recipe for getting the body back into shape – provided to me by my trainer Michael Cavalieri. It works – fish and vegetables – that is it! And in the mornings – juice up one piece of fruit with greens ( spinach, kale, a teeny bit of raw ginger, water and half an apple) and drink that down daily. In addition 8 glasses of water along with eating something ( hard boiled egg – no cheese or dairy, no more than one fruit a day) every two hours.  Tough to start – but you could have a different fish each day – salmon, sea bass, scallops, tuna ( no oil or mayo), sole, shrimp, whitefish, tilapia and so on.

My favorite way to cook salmon is as follows:


8 ounces of salmon filet ( for two people)

1 meyer lemon

1 tbsp olive oil

Ground pepper


Put the salmon into a chafing dish, squeeze half the lemon onto it, season with pepper ( lemon pepper is even better) and sprinkle with olive oil – place into the oven at 350 for 20 minutes ( or less if you life your salmon rare) – and eat with steamed spinach, green beans or broccoli that you have roasted in the oven with lemon pepper on it along with Pam Olive Oil Spray.

This is a low calorie high satisfaction dinner – due to the addition of the olive oil and the richness of the salmon. And you will feel VIRTUOUS as well !


SalmonMore lemons


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