The Glory of Nature – Pause a little and share this with your children and grandkids


I wish I knew who took the photos that I will feature in a couple of future posts along with this one, so that I could praise and attribute them. But alas they were sent to me via the internet as the best photos of 2012. If you can help me attribute them to the amazing photographers who took them please email me and I will do so. In the meantime put on my inspirational song “Start the World All Over Again’ and view the below.

This is a picture made up by people standing in different places which, when viewed from above creates the stunning image below. There seems to be a signature in the bottom right corner but even expanded I could not read it. If you can, let me know! Quite amazing isn’t it? I showed my grandkids this photo and asked them what they saw. Then I explained to them that people have different talents (our little Jonah already at 3 calls himself an ‘artist’) and that everything should be viewed from multiple perspectives – this could be seen as people walking around in different directions, or art. They were fascinated.


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