Great fun! We hosted 6 eight year old boys – our grandson’s friends – for a sleepover to celebrate his 8th birthday! AND WE SURVIVED!


What fun was had by all!  They arrived 11am Saturday and left 3pm Sunday. They were up at 4am Sunday morning – they swam, fed the animals, held the one day old baby goats, played in the bamboo ‘forest’, got all scratched up, bounced in the bouncy, ate and giggled and had the best time. So did we. Did I mention that I spent the next day in bed??? Half of it anyway…. and we were happy to host all their parents and siblings for lunch on the Sunday as they wanted to see the farm too! And they left with individual gift bags I had prepared including the siblings – each sleepover boy had a flashlight of his very own in case of night concerns. They LOVED all of it. How blessed we are to be part of our grandchildren’s lives. We do NOT take any of this for granted – precious memories always.

Some pictures of the happy weekend.


Getting ready for bed Jacks Sleepover


Happy birthday Jack banner and the boys 2015Dinner at Chilis sleepover 2015

Sword fight Sleepover 2015


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