Green lawns in CA – soon to be a memory?


The drought is taking its toll in Los Angeles. At the moment, using recycled water, we have been able to save about 80% of our trees and some of our grassy areas. I fear that this is going to change. The water district put out a dire warning of fines up to $40,000 a month – which could be disastrous for our Little Farm. Although we are zoned agricultural the Dept of water and power has yet to recognize us as such. This may well be the state of many urban farms. Even though we recycle, compost, conserve water, live off the land and on our eggs, cheese and fish, our water cost has been going up and up. We have changed many of our plants to water sparing – but the farm is populated with 300 fruit trees and old trees that are large and have been here over 100 years. Sadly some of those are dying – a pine and a eucalyptus. Deep watering is no longer an option.

This gorgeous photo of our back lawn may soon be just a memory as we put down gravel and paving – and cactus. Is California turning into Arizona?Green back lawn at Little Farm September 2016



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