Hair loss is so aggravating – curing this would be a huge business opportunity


Losing one’s hair is a malady suffered by men and women alike. But bald men are sexy – bald women are not.  Surely if we can keep humans in space we can solve this problem? It is not just cosmetic – although that certainly is part of it – it is about self esteem. For many women their hair is their crowning glory and losing it is devastating.

I had always been blessed with luxuriously thick hair and although I have more than most I see the difference. Talking with friends and family I realize it is a common problem . When will a brilliant woman scientist come up with a remedy or cure? The guys haven’t done it yet….so it is up to us!!

Here I am with our golden haired twins. Delicious !!!

Larraine reading to Noah and gabe dec 2013




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