Holiday weekends in the summer – what could be better!


The Fourth of July Weekend was so much fun with lots of little ones running around, hot weather and huge thanks for the millions of men and women who have given their lives since the inception of the great country of the USA, to keep us free and safe. And those still serving in places far and wide – away from their families – and thanks too to those families whose patience, pain and fortitude at times exceeds that of their family member who guards our independence.

We are so grateful, so blessed, so thankful to live in this amazing land that has given us so much, enabled our family to immigrate and become part of the fabric of the culture, and to all of us who are giving back, paying forward, supporting others less fortunate and more.

We enjoyed much in the way of food and frolic – including some minor small fireworks which the kids and adults loved ( I thoroughly dislike fireworks and find them scary and dangerous but am always outvoted!). Here the cousins are ( Jack Jonah Noah Gabriel and cousins Sara and Alex) all waiting for Daddy to light fireworks!Displaying photo 1.JPG

And the kids were tired – so here is a short rest watching SCOOBY DOO in our bedroom until we all jumped back into the pool!


Cousin love – Jack and his cousin Sara – same age – 7 ( Sara is one month older)

Jack and Sara Fourth of July 2014

Making Cheesy Eggs and Turkey Bacon with Gabriel ( left) and Noah ( right) using the cooking utensils thoughtfully given to them on their birth by friends Celia and Les. THANK YOU!  They do all the right things – wash their hands before, put on their aprons, get the utensils ready – and off we go! They LOVE cooking with Grandma! And I LOVE cooking with them.


Jonah milking with our Little Farm Manager Max Arteaga – he helped to milk our whole herd of goats – then made sure all the milk was labeled and stored – with all containers sterilized – he is learning the trade and doing a GREAT job! Way to go Jonah!


And here is Noah helping to pick up the eggs from our chickens and quail – his Zayda Clive is holding him high enough to get them out and his mom is taking the fragile eggs from him before they drop! Good job Noah – and as you can see from his face he is LOVING it! Noah and Gabriel were both wearing their gloves ( which came from friends Celia and Les with the cooking utensils from Williams Sonoma – meant for peeling potatoes – but the twins loved wearing them for all farm chores!)

IMG_6618As you can see – it was a wonderful time for everyone. And so important that the children learn about where organic and fresh food comes from – and picking an egg from a chicken, then cooking it yourself! WOW what a thrill!

Hope your holiday was equally joyful and grateful?



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