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The RockinGrandmaMusic affiliate program welcomes folks who love family, children, music, reading, cooking, living a healthy organic life and having clean and uplifting fun. The program enables you to promote our products ( both physical and downloadable) while earning a commission on every single sale. Selling RGM products does not only bring joy to the consumer but also educates, inspires, gives comfort, along with family oriented healthy and delicious recipes, promoting an organic and community centered life style. Your customers will also get access through our opt in mailing list, to our multiple recipes, blogs and ongoing stories about Sam, The Broken Robot, his Pretend Family, grandparents who live on an organic urban farm, and his lessons on sharing, being kind to animals and solving problems creatively. As an affiliate you can repurpose and republish our blogs – most weeks we do four blogs ( Music Mondays, Tuesday Tips, Tasty Thursdays and Philanthropy Fridays). We will also blog about you as one of our affiliates if appropriate for our family centered audience. So to summarize you will get:

  1. A 10%commission on every single sale – physical or downloadable products
  2. Access to our multiple weekly blogs which you can repurpose so that almost every day you will have content flowing through your own facebook twitter, google+ or other social sites that you subscribe to.
  3. We will blog about you if appropriate for our audience.
  4. Your customers will get access ( if they have opted in) to our regular story updates about Sam The Broken Robot and his family and friends and special offers that only go to that special opt in list.

We welcome you to our affiliate family!

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