Just saw the documentary FRESH – if you don’t buy organic now, you will after seeing this movie! Philanthropy Fridays support Cooking with Kids Organic Style


I am so grateful that we have our own chickens and organic alpha omega eggs. The documentary FRESH will educate you about the food supply and the amount of really bad stuff that is in it. Buy organic – buy less if it is expensive – but only food that has NO antibiotics or additives – eat fresh fruit, vegetables and unprocessed food as much as possible – and all of it organic. Cooking with kids with organic ingredients and avoiding processed food means you are raising healthy children and grandchildren.

I recommend you get this movie – it is on Netflix on demand https://signup.netflix.com/home?mqso=80015652&mkwid=sTKO1SwZG&pcrid=6957683484&gclid=CJCP7cmTuK8CFQ2FhwodyUDPgQ&country=1&rdirfdc=true

The movie and the data in it, is very compelling. http://www.freshthemovie.com/  Here is the link. Below are the eggs that we eat every day from our chickens and quails. How blessed we are!


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