Kids and Dogs – what could be a better combination! And a tribute to our USPS Mail lady Bonnie! We love her!

Our new rescue dog Goldie is adorable – and happy – smiles all the time – but has the nasty habit of peeing in the living room. We have tried everything – and she still does it. I think she is lazy and just doesn’t want to go out – and even though we take her outside regularly – after all there is a farm to run around – she occasionally still pees on the persian rug. YUCK!

Any ideas?

Here Goldie is with our beloved mail lady Bonnie – with eldest grandson Jack – Bonnie, by the way, is the best mail person we have ever had! When she was out with a broken arm for a few months we missed her a lot – and sent lots of get well soon notes! She is divine with dogs, delicious with kids, and a delight as a person – and a really good and reliable mail deliverer too! WAY TO GO BONNIE and WELCOME BACK TO YOUR ROUTE!

Jack meets goldie with Bonnie mail lady

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