New Addition to The Little Farm – Bella the cow!


 We are so excited to add to our menagerie – Bella the miniature cow. Here she is in all her glory with Farmer Clive who bought her at an auction. It is not easy to find a mini cow and Bella was a cow in a petting zoo so she is very tame – and friendly too! Bonded immediately to our grandkids, farm manager and Clive – and follows everyone around. She is now sharing a paddock with three turkeys and 5 guinea fowl and is eating up a storm of alfalfa and hay! We have located a wonderful Brahmin Zebu Bull to mate her with and hopefully within the next few months she will be pregnant. We look forward to that and also to the birth of her offspring – and finally the ability to milk her – and make Cow’s Milk Cheese in addition to the Goat’s milk cheese that we already make. She is a Brown Swiss/Dexter combination – and is able to withstand heat and dry climates – as well as give lots of milk.  SOO EXCITING!

Our dog Smokey is adjusting slowly to her arrival – keeps wanting to roll over and have her play with her – and doesnt yet quite get that Bella is not a dog but a small cow. Oh well she will learn soon when Bella butts her!



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