I have written multiple novels – but only one has been published. It is called "BELONGING" and was published in 1994 by Penguin Books, Dutton, and then again in 2000 republished again with a different cover (as seen when you purchase from Amazon). It is in paperback and I hope you enjoy it.

I have two more novels, written but not published, and it is my intent to finish them and publish them as e-books by the end of 2012. So please hold me to that date! I am so involved now writing music for my grandchildren and also children’s books that they love about Sam, the Broken Robot, that this has taken a back seat. But not for long so stay tuned……

‘BELONGING’, a novel by Larraine Segil (control/click on title to purchase):

This moving novel sweeps from South Africa to London to Los Angeles from one woman’s struggle to become a surgeon to the other’s rise in the fast track of big business …..through all the challenges that life presents. It is the story of a friendship that spans 30 years, of two unlikely friends, one black and a child of poverty, the other white and a child of privilege and how politics, ambition, success and failure teach each about the other’s perception of reality.

Let me know how you enjoy it.

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