Omelets – I never really liked them – but the kids do! And they are pretty easy to make – give them a try!

Omelets can be tricky. Some folks love them. My husband is one of them. I personally could live without them. Using only egg whites is a great way of getting the protein without the fat – lower in calories and almost as good.EggsfromLittleFarmChicks&Quail


Eggs ( one per person unless you have a hungry bunch in which case two per person!)


Egg whites only ( 4 per person)

A little milk

Salt and pepper to taste

Butter for the pan


Whisk the eggs/egg whites with the salt and pepper and a little milk while the butter is warming in the pan. If you are adding vegetables add them now and sauté until soft. If  not just add the eggs to the hot pan, scramble a bit then lower the heat.

Getting the omelet to cook through without over cooking the skin is a challenge. You can lift the edges of the omelet as it cooks to let the uncooked egg flow under the omelet and onto the pan surface. You can put a lid on top to trap heat coming from the hot pan. But for some omelets, that isn’t enough.

A surer method is start scrambling the eggs when they hit the hot pan, stopping when the eggs are partially cooked. Then pat the eggs into a smooth layer and let them finish cooking without a lid. It works. It’s quick and easy.

Instead of folding the omelet in the pan, simply tip the pan and let the omelet slide onto a plate. As the omelet slips onto the plate, twist of the wrist, and fold the omelet onto itself on the plate. (It’s easy to do; in two or three tries, you’ll have the method mastered.)

Yes, I did drop a few on the floor and our dog Sunny LOVES omelets. But I got the hang of it after a few failures.

You could also place a plate over the pan for just a couple minutes once you stop scrambling and then remove the plate before the omelet was cooked. That accelerated the cooking a little and gives you a warm plate on which to serve the omelet  – and it took about 5 minutes from start to finish!

Of course you can add sugar – or jam ( try some homemade like we do) and add it just before you serve/flip that fold of omelet over when serving.

Or you could sauté some vegetables in a little butter before putting the eggs in – then scramble etc as above. Literally anything will do – broccoli, onions, peas, peppers, tomatoes, chopped kale, Brussels sprouts, potatoes that have been boiled and chopped etc.

Try it out! Use organic eggs. We use our own from our chickens and quails.  YUM!Free Range Chickens

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