Passing the California Bar Exam – such an Achievement !! Two of our scholars took it and two of them passed it!


 WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE!  Two of our Larraine Segil Scholars took the California Bar Exam and both of them passed it! AMAZING – we are so proud of them!

Here is Tania Gonzalez getting the Bar results  – first in her family to finish high school, go to college, go to graduate school – and now she is a lawyer! And she was the little girl who FOUGHT with the school system when they insisted that she stay in English as a  Second Language classes ( ESL) and after her father begged the school over and over to let her test for mainstream English classes – finally took the test and never looked back. We chose her as our 2015 scholar from Southwestern Law School knowing that whatever she strove for – would happen for her – she is THAT determined. So proud of our Tania!


And then Hindi Stohl – mother of 6, OBGYN, Religious School teacher as well as Associate Professor of OBGYN at UCLA and Head of Maternal Fetal Health at Harbor UCLA Hospital – Woman Extraordinaire – Hindi passed the California bar which she took just a month or two after giving birth to her 6th little boy!  We are so very proud of Hindi and know that she is on her way to change the world, affecting positively the lives of women and their babies daily. We chose Hindi as our 2014 scholar knowing that she would succeed at whatever she did. Here she is below – and then below that – the picture of her graduating with her 6 boys -the oldest is holding the baby ( 3 weeks old). MD, OBGYN, Specialist in Maternal Fetal Health, and now JD! AMAZING!



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