Philanthropy Fridays – Featuring Cambria Gordon – Author, Speaker, Green Energy Fan and Super Mom

Today I am featuring on our Philanthropy Fridays, Cami Gordon. She is the daughter of an accomplished author, playwright, producer and entrepreneur, Sharleen Cooper Cohen, and her dad Dr. Martin Cohen ( Cohen-Brown) is a motivational speaker for corporations and executives in a variety of industries such as financial services, insurance and telecommunications. Cami and her husband Howard Gordon (screen writer of ’24’, ‘Homeland’, author of multiple books and much more – I will feature Howard’s newest book in a separate post) have raised incredible children and find time with their busy lives, to do good in the world.

Cami is an impressive young woman in her own right – wearing many hats – and below is her story.

“My book, ‘The Down to Earth Guide to Global Warming’, came about five years ago when I was talking to my friend Laurie David about the need to empower kids to do something about global warming, rather than frighten them. Since then, I’ve spoken at schools all over the state and across the country teaching kids and their parents how to reduce their carbon footprint. Today, there is a much greater awareness in our country about recycling, taking reusable bags to the grocery store and using energy efficient lightbulbs. But with the focus on a sluggish economy, environmental messages get pushed aside. We can’t lose focus on the importance of reducing our carbon emissions.”

Cami is very involved in a leadership position with NRDC. “They are the best watchdogs for the planet,” she says, “involved with everything from the Gulf Oil spill to the Tar Sands Pipeline to drilling in Alaska to making textile factories less harmful to the water supply in China.” Here is the link to the organization: and if you are interested, you can click ‘donate’ at the top of the home page.

Here is a link again for her book on Amazon.—Earth-Guide-Global-Warming/dp/0439024943/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326139033&sr=8-1


I am proud to feature Cami today on our Philanthropy Fridays.

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