Philanthropy Fridays – Rottweiler Rescue of Los Angeles -ALL VOLUNTEER – they need YOUR help. A source for my Children Bedtime Stories!


A child growing up with animals is an adult with kindness and soul. Many of the children bedtime stories that I share with my grandchildren, have to do with animals. Sam, The Broken Robot talks to animals and they talk back to him. And he has lots of conversations with our Rottweiler Sunny, who is an intelligent conversationalist on many levels!

Of course, I am biased that way since we have a little farm – so today I am featuring an all volunteer group that rescue Rottweilers. They are called ROTTWEILER RESCUE OF LOS ANGELES -run by Beverly (818) 765-5997 and Caryn (909) 446-8217 hours 8:00 am – 8:00 pm who give endless love, support, food and shelter to rotties who are brought to them from all over the city.

An earlier post was all about our rescue dog, Sunny – truly the sweetest doggie soul with endless patience and love for little ones ( and horrible gas!). Our fourth rottweiler had died -sadly they don’t live beyond about 10-11 years, and we wanted to give an abandoned dog a home. So off we went and met Beverly, the momma to multiple Rottweilers who have no one else to love them. She put us through an intensive interview, she did a home visit, she introduced us to a trainer, all in all she wanted to be sure that the dog she gave us went to a good home and would be loved and well treated.

There were so many dogs there – it was hard to choose, so we took many of them off for walks to see how we related to them and them to us.

And then there was Sunny. He immediately paid close attention to the person who had him on a leash, looked up, sensed the direction he was supposed to go in, listened intently and was clearly very intelligent. It was frankly, love at first sight. And when we brought him home, with Beverly in close attendance, we threw him into the pool under her advice, so that he would learn never to jump in without us there – it worked. He has stayed away from the pool ever since ( and that was a concern to us since if he fell in, he could not get out without help). Now we have fences around our pool ( grandchildren arrived in the interim so that was essential) so its not a problem – but Sunny is careful never to get too close to the pool, nor does he bark at the children when they are making noise and splashing. All good.

So we showed Sunny his first bed -a large one to be sure – male Rottweilers weigh normally from 100- 130lbs, and he approached it carefully. I decided to get into his bed to show him how. He watched me with intense concentration. Then I got up – and he slowly put one paw onto the luxurious big square dogbed, then another paw then the third and finally the fourth – and then he sank down ( thought to himself in his doggy brain – ‘this must be The Four Seasons’) and fell asleep.

Ah yes, Sunny was finally home. He is now part of the family as well as children’s stories- here he is ‘exercising’ in the gym with my husband.

And by the way – Beverly called every week for 3 months until she was completely assured that Sunny was happy and so were we. He has been part of our family for 5 years – and Beverly still calls once a year to be sure all is well. What amazing devotion and professionalism – and all in addition to her normal job as an administrative assistant. Kudos to Beverly and Caryn!

Please give anything you can spare to Beverly’s non profit – she and Caryn give up their time, money and effort to rescue these amazing animals – they only place dogs in Southern California, and only feature pure breed Rottweilers. Below is a description taken from their site:




Our goal is to find loving, life-time homes for our rottweilers. See our SUCCESS STORIES or our ADOPTED DOGS!  All Rottweilers available for adoption have been altered and vaccinated.  We temperament test our rottweilers to ensure that they are sound, gentle, good-natured pets.   We work on housebreaking and some basic obedience skills.  And, they come with a lifetime guarantee, if at any time, for any reason, an adoption does not work out, you may bring the animal back.

Rottweiler Rescue of Los Angeles, Inc. is now an IRS Section 501(c)3 Charity

Donating is now as easy as
clicking the Paypal button!


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