Philanthropy Fridays – the Chance Project – organized by a 13 year old to build a school in Sierra Leone

I am proud to present The Chance Project which has been organized by a 13-year old boy, Christian, and his friends, to build a school in Sierre Leone.   Operating in conjunction with the well recognized “Free The Children”, this project shows how children can be empowered to make a difference. Check out – the website Christian developed on his own. He is the grandson of a colleague and friend of mine, Tony Vander Voet – with whom I served on the SAAG board of the World Health Organization Tropical Diseases Group in Geneva Switzerland. Tony is pretty remarkable himself – no wonder his grandson Christian is doing such amazing things – what a role model he has for a grandpa! Tony is an amazing artist – here is a link to his blogspot  Before his present passion and career, he was Assistant Deputy Minister and Science Adviser for Ontario’s Ministry of Research and Innovation (MRI). Here is a  picture of Tony! Super Grandpa!


This is what Christian and his friends say on their website:

Who are we and why we are doing this?

We are The Chance Project: a group of 20 kids that believe in making a difference. Our group was officially formed on January 29, 2012. Our goal is to raise money to help communities in need to survive.

Our First Project: Sierra Leone

At our first meeting, The Chance Project group voted on where we would focus our efforts.  It was collectively decided that we could attempt to raise enough money to build a school in Sierra Leone.  We chose Sierra Leone because they overcame a horrible civil war where many schools were destroyed.  Our goal is to build a school in this country so that a community can get back on track and start educating their youth.  Building a school will also help the community by providing employment for construction workers and teachers.
All the money we raise will be given to Free the Children, and their staff will distribute the funds accordingly.  Please do not hesitate to learn more by following this link:

Reaching our goal

Currently our goal is to raise $10 000 to build a school in Sierra Leone. To reach this goal we need all the donations possible. We are hoping the two initiatives, targeting companies and selling bracelets, will help us raise the money efficiently and effectively. With all the donations we will not only be able to build a school, but it will jump-start our group into action and hopefully encourage more projects that will help the world.




$9 270

How You Can Donate

To donate to The Chance Project you can either:
Coordinate payment through our group leader, Christian Vander Voet by contacting him via email:

Send a cheque payable to Free The Children to:

Christian Vander Voet The Chance Project 668 Auger Terrace Milton, ON L9T 5M2
Please note that Free The Children will provide valid tax receipts for all donations over $10.00
And for those of you who tweet – here is Christian’s first blog and you can click tweet below!
NOW HOW CAN THIS MOTIVATE YOUR CHILDREN TO DO GOOD? It doesn’t have to be in Sierra Leone – it could be at a homeless shelter, church, synagogue or senior citizens center down the road from your home, in your community or your town. Make a difference every day and remember to dance and sing too! Music makes people happy!

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