Rosemary Roast Chicken – A Simple Chicken Favorite



This is my son’s absolute favorite – I only use Organic Chickens – they really do taste better and are healthier – and this is one of the easiest main courses there is. Truly! Just try it – you need 2 hours – and its ready!


1 Organic Chicken for Roasting

Fresh Rosemary ( the dried one doesn’t do the job)

4 Cloves of Garlic ( or if you dont like Garlic leave this out)

Sea Salt

Olive Oil

Yukon Gold Potatoes – one for each person

Roasting Pan

Optional: Stuffing

1 Packet of Packaged Stuffing ( Mrs. Cubbisons is great)

1 onion

2 Cloves of Garlic

2 Sprigs of Rosemary

Sea Salt to taste

1/4 cup of raisins – to taste

Olive Oil and Water according to Package Instructions

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: Approximately 2 hours


1. Take the chicken out of its packaging and remove the giblets inside it.

2. Wash it in cold water and wash your hands well before and after touching the raw chicken.

3. Drizzle some olive oil into a roasting pan and place the chicken in the pan. Then chop the garlic and rosemary greens ( remove the twigs) and push them under the skin of the chicken at both ends and slide your fingers with the mixture as far under the skin as you can towards the wings and legs, without tearing the skin.

4. Then salt ( or use a seasoned salt for poultry or Lawries Seasoned Salt or your favorite seasoning salt) all over the chicken and replace it into the roasting pan, breast side down.

5. If you like stuffing – you could use a packaged stuffing ( I believe in short cuts for busy folks). First you add some olive oil to a frying pan on medium heat then  fry onions, garlic and possibly raisins in your pan before adding the stuffing according to the packet instructions. I tend to add much more olive oil than the recipe calls for as well as garlic and rosemary to the pan mixture before adding the dry stuffing and liquid. Stuff your chicken and then salt and season it as described above.

6. Place your stuffed or unstuffed chicken into the roasting pan

7. Drizzle olive oil on the chicken all over and put it into an oven that has been pre heated to about 395 degrees C.

8. Cook for 1.45 hours depending on chicken size – that is until the chicken legs pull easily away from the body and when you poke a tester into the chicken only clear liquid comes out. Check the chicken towards the end in the last half hour to be sure that the skin is not burning and if it is browning too much then cover just the breast part with  foil.

9. Making the roast potatoes is fast and easy – first peel the potatoes and place them into cold water.

10. Boil water for the potatoes ( half fill the pot) and once all the potatoes are peeled and cut into 3pieces each, place them all at once into the boiling water. Boil them while you are preparing the chicken until they are almost soft ( al dente) then drain them and put aside.

11. After the chicken has been cooking for about 45 minutes, take it out and place the potato pieces around the chicken trying to be sure that each piece touches the bottom of the pan. Drizzle a little oil onto each potato and a little salt or seasoning.

12 After another hour, take the chicken out again and turn over the potato pieces. They should now be browning nicely.

13. Once the chicken is done – remove the potatoes and put them into a serving dish. Carve the chicken and serve with Zucchini Vegetable Medley and a Green Salad. (No need for gravy with this dish.)


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  1. James Segil says:

    I have to say that this is indeed the best thing my mom makes…and that says something since everything she makes is rockingrandma good! The potatoes are crispy as is the chicken skin and there is lot of oil at the bottom of the pan for dipping. I highly recommend this recipe!

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