Sam The Broken Robot and RockinGrandmaMusic performed today at the Zimmer Children’s museum

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TODAY was the big day that Sam, The Broken Robot and RockinGrandmaMusic performed at the Zimmer Children’s museum. KTLA Channel 5 news were there – how exciting! But the MOST exciting thing of all was that today was our eldest Grandson Jack’s FIFTH birthday – and so it was a very important day for him. Sam looked great – above are some pictures with more to follow soon!

We played the TOOTHBRUSH song, the BIRTHDAY SONG, FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL SONG and more! Lots of wonderful kid noise – helping with singing and jumping around – and lots and lots of people – mommies, grandma’s and more. What a great museum it is – celebrating the Week of the Young Child. RockinGrandmaMusic will be sure to celebrate next year with the fabulous Zimmer Museum.

Tell me about your grandchild’s special birthday celebrations – wonderful times to be remembered and if you send me photos I will show them. We love birthdays in our family – lots of balloons, a special birthday hat for the young child, songs, cakes and cupcakes, and of course presents. What could be better than presents!

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