Sam, The Broken Robot Series of Three Books


When we wrote The Broken Robot song for the Rockin’ Grandma CD, we had no idea that it would become my grandchildren’s absolute favorite. That was the song they wanted to hear over and over again. So I started to make up stories when putting them down for a nap about this very smart and interesting broken robot. And so our hero, Sam, arrived.He was born with a broken (handicapped) arm but that doesn’t stop him from doing anything he wants. And he is a lot smarter than anyone else in his family. He has a very good attitude, and solves problems in interesting ways. His adventures not only tell the story of his family members but also about the Little Farm on which his grandparents live.

 Since my husband and I actually do live on a little urban farm, many of the stories that Sam enjoys being part of, come from taking care of animals and making cheese from our goats milk, with our grandchildren. The family loves to cook and make preserves and other delicious treats together. We also wander through the pathways and waterfalls of our little farm, making up magical tales that are easy and exciting for a child’s mind to explore. And of course, through Sam’s books and music, sharing them with YOU!

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