Sam, The Broken Robot Series, The Book plus CD of Narration and Songs for Book Two



In this book Sam discovers that Dolly Goat is very afraid of Cy, the Coyote, who comes and prowls around her pen every night with his gang and scares her. Sam comes up with an ingenious solution to Dolly’s problem. He convinces Lolly and Polly that going to the Zoo is the best way for them to create and execute a plan to frighten Cy away. And they do exactly that! Sam makes sure that Polly and Lolly understand that helping others is a very good thing to do and can make you happy as well as other people. In addition to great sound effects, this book contains the Flying Cows song, which was the very first song that we wrote. It holds special significance for our family and I have dedicated it to my grandsons.


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