Such an important weekend – Memorial Day – and with a special place in my heart for my alma mater Southwestern School of Law


Southwestern Bullocks Wilshre Building Campus HQ



I am so proud to serve on the Board of Trustees of Southwestern School of Law in Los Angeles. This law school holds a very special place in history as well as in the present and the future . Why ? Because every Memorial Day we remember the brave women and men who gave their lives so that we may live in a free and safe country as well as the dedication that Southwestern made after World War 2 to accept veterans – we let GIs enroll counting their service as undergraduate education – not just their schooling – the Bar Association that credentials all Law Schools refused to accept that moral and appropriate decision . So Southwestern returned the Bar accreditation and filled our halls with GI’s – Heroes who fought for our freedom – did you know that our Law Degree was given a special name by those same GIs during the 50’s and 60’s ? It was called the Abraham Lincoln law degree – and now those men and women are our judges, litigators and politicians. We thank our Southwestern leaders at that time and continue our tradition as one of the top five most diverse credentialed law schools in the country – in Los Angeles Southwestern is the only law school that looks like our Los Angeles community – how proud we are !

Southwestern Law School Campus


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