Try cooking with kids to engage them in healthy eating and family time – Artichokes are yummy!

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Have you ever eaten an artichoke? Its fun! And children ( once they get the hang of it) love it!. They are easy to cook too.

Just submerge them partially in about 2 inches of water in a pot, and boil until they are soft when you pluck off a leaf. One does not eat the whole leaf just the end part of it. And the ones that are shown above are from our Little Farm ( along with some lettuce we just picked too). We eat them a LOT! You can dip the leaves in butter, or dressing ( balsamic and olive oil ) or just lemon juice. Or just eat them as they are. They have a nutty fresh flavor ( no nuts involved).

You could eat artichokes as your whole meal – they are pretty filling – or as a starter. Another option is to use a vinegar, olive oil, chopped green olives, chopped red onion, lemon juice, with a teaspoon of sugar combination dressing.

All in all – healthy, delicious and fun to eat – a great summer food.

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