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Problems with Hostgator and WordPress and Website – GRRRRR – and a low calorie dinner

Hope none of you are using Hostgator to host and manage your websites? I spent over 6 hours trying to fix a problem on this site yesterday with techs who could not put a sentence in English together and kept … Continue reading

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We raise tilapia at our Little Farm – here is a wonderful paella our farm manager Max made for us – yum!

Tilapia is a very low fat, low calorie fish. When fresh it is truly delightful and even fresh frozen can be good. We have been raising tilapia for years now – and lately had too many in one hatchery even … Continue reading

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Gluten free Chicken Casserole with Rice – oh my ! We could not stop eating it!

This is one of the easiest and most delicious dishes I have ever made. I know that you will LOVE it. It is juicy, tasty and gluten free! Amazing! My son is gluten intolerant-and we are having a dinner party … Continue reading

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Chicken and Leek Stew – Cooking with kids and using my favorite kitchen appliance – the Slow Cooker! Great for cooking with kids!

I  know I am like a broken record – but slow cookers are SOOOOO easy! Especially when cooking with kids – you can throw everything in  – turn it on and go play with the children until its done and … Continue reading

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