The most delicious salad – from Royalton Hotel NYC Gabriel Cruz – Master Chef! Cooking with kids – its healthy and easy!

I was thrilled when I tasted this amazing salad created by Executive Chef Gabriel Cruz – at the Royalton Hotel in NYC. You will love it! And my grandkids loved making it – so easy – of course when you put on great music such as Dancing in My Room – just throw all the yummy ingredients in! The effort goes into getting the ingredients – but Whole Foods or even ordering them on line – makes it easier! This was so delicious. Thank you Gabriel – and remember to call on the Royalton and sample this when you next are in the Big Apple!

Tuna Tabouli

2 oz Tuna Cubes (Sushi Grade)

3 pc Heirloom Baby Tomatoes Cut in Half

10 slices Persian Cucumbers

1/4 pc Shaved Fennel

1.5 tbsp Black Barley

1 tsp Golden Raisins

10 pc Mint Leaves

10 pc Parsley Leaves

1 tbsp Toasted Hazelnuts

1 oz  Lemon Oil

1 oz Lemon Juice

1/2 oz Olive Oil

Take all ingredients and place in mixing bowl and toss with lemon juice and oils. Season with salt and pepper to desired liking and serve..

Gabriel Cruz, Executive Chef, Royalton Hotel, New York City

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