Trifle – South African Little Farm Style – yum!


A dessert that is easy but fabulous is English Trifle. But our South African version with some Little Farm Additions is quite unique. So toss whatever recipe you have seen in the past and use this one! Note this is not for kids as there is quite a lot of liquor in it – of course you can leave that out if you like – its still yummy.

English Trifle South African Little Farm Style


  • 2 Sara Lee Pound Cakes – cut into fairly thick slices – then into half again
  • Bird’s Custard Powder – the instructions on the packet make a fairly thin custard – you want to THICK custard. So use 2 pints of milk plus DOUBLE the amount of custard and sugar ( ie 4 tbsp of powder and 4 tbsp of sugar per 1 pint of milk) You can adjust as needed to make it thinner if you wish.
  • Cream – heavy whipping cream – I used ¾ pint – and added 4 tbsp of sugar to make it sweet. Whip till stiff but watch out that it does not become butter!
  • Strawberries – 1 lb – half slice into two and half keep for decoration.
  • Kiwi’s 8 – peeled – cut all into thick slices
  • Almond Amaretti Cookies  – put 12 into a plastic bag and hammer them until they become crumbs. I use cookies that have nuts in them. You could use your favorite biscotti if you like- I use ones from Crete that have nuts in them.
  • Amaretto Liquor   – half a cup ( more or less to your taste)
  • Apricot jam – ½ cup
  • Another jam ( I use Melon Ginger jam which I bought from The African Hut) commonly used in South Africa – ½ cup


  1. Smear the jam onto the cut cake half with apricot and half with the other jam you use.
  2. Place the pieces into the bottom of a glass cake dish ( see the picture below) and then drizzle some liquor over the cake, then add a layer of cool custard ( since the hot custard will crack your glass dish!) and then place the layer of fruit – I put kiwis around the glass dish on top of the sides of the cake so that they can be seen through the glass  – then put a layer of cream – then more cake ( with the different jam) then the custard then the strawberries around the side ‘ looking out’’ so they can also be seen – then another drizzle of liquor then more custard then cream – then a layer of crushed almond amaretto cookies and more liquor – and then repeat the layers one more time if you have enough room in the dish.
  3. Finally end with the whipped cream and at the last moment decorate with slices of kiwi, and crushed cookies.
  4. READY TO SERVE!!! Here mine is without the final layer of cream – which I waited until the last moment to do

Trifle 2015


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