Tuesday Tips – No Video Blog today I have such a BIG Cold and The SNEEZES!


Hi there – no video blog today – my nose is blocked , my eyes are streaming and it is not a pretty sight. However – I LOVE to cook so would not miss a chance to share some cooking tips with you to do with children.

First some great news – I am writing a cookbook of Things to Cook with Kids – like my favorite, peach pie, soups, salads, all sort of yummy recipes also using my slow cooker – a great way to have children help in a safe way.

But back to my Tuesday tips, here are 5 quick ones ( forgive the brevity – having a cold has me down but not out…..). Did you know:

1. Putting lemon juice onto bananas or apples once they have been sliced will prevent them from going a horrible brown color?

2. Spraying PAM or Canola/Olive oil spray on your frying pan will enable you to reduce the calories in that dish by about 200 when making scrambled eggs?

3. About those eggs – cooking them VERY slowly on a low heat will make them fluffy and creamier – takes time and patience however….most of us have too little of that.

4. Children LOVE cracking eggs – its messy and the shell gets into it – but its such fun to watch them do it and to teach them how to be gentle

5. Making cake from a box is a simple way to help children start to cook independently – except for turning on the stove and handling the hot pans, a 5 year old who can read, can do it all himself. Our four year old grandson can read – and so he reads the instructions to me. I believe in short cuts don’t you?

More next week on Tuesday tips – hopefully video blog if my red nose stops shining…. Here is  a picture of my two oldest grandsons ( 2 years and 4 years old) helping to cook eggs for breakfast.


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I have reinvented myself many times during my life -teacher, lawyer, business woman, CEO, Entrepreneur, Board member, Professor, Mom, Wife, Farmer, Chef, Musician, Author and now my best role of all - Grandma to multiple grandchildren, grandnephews and nieces worldwide.
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