A really healthy no calorie drink that costs very little to make – try it!

Our three year old grandsons are getting cuter every day. And they love to go to the farmers market ( as well as to come to the Little Farm) . Last week they enjoyed face painting. This last weekend they planted some mint near the kitchen for me. Now they are waiting for a MINT TREE!

Twins and face painting Feb 2015

We use mint and orange slices in filtered water – and drink that instead of diet sodas indeed any sodas. It is refreshing and is no calories! We also add sliced cucumbers and some days just lemon. Try it you will LOVE it. Sodas and diet sodas are so bad for you – if you can unhook yourself from them and substitute this fruit no calorie home made drink, you will save money, calories and add healthy liquid to your diet! What could be better than that! And it tastes good too!

Oranges and Lemons


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