Uses for Coca Cola – other than drinking it – amazing!


I found this link to 15 uses of Coca Cola other than drinking it and it was truly mind blowing! Take a look at it – its actually difficult to imagine that this omnipotent liquid is something that we ingest too…..

Pretty incredible eh? The one I like a lot is the cleaning of your pots and pans – a continuing challenge for me and a close second is getting grease stains from clothes. What about taking the itch out of bug bites or stings? Or cleaning rust from pennies and other stuff? Oh and by the way, farmers in India use Coke as an insecticide !! Also it is apparently great for fertilizing your lawn or flowers or boosting you homemade compost! But the one that takes the prize is rinsing off the smell of skunk! We have had a couple of nasty incidents where our Rottweiler Sunny has had a contretemps with a skunk and the skunk won – spraying him with awful stink that he unhappily brought into the bedroom and ran around the house trying to get rid of it. It cost a lot to clean up after him and agonizing weeks of daily baths for him and huge cleaning bills for us until it finally faded. I did not know about Coke but I am surely going to try it if this ever ( please never) happens again!



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